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TV commercials cost more on network TV than on cable

How Much Do TV Commercials Cost?

Real costs for 30 seconds on broadcast TV

Despite the ongoing news of the full embrace of online digital advertising, make no mistake about it—broadcast network TV continues to be the channel for broad-based branding and…

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Advertising Agency, First Looks Advertising, accepting NJ Ad Club Award with Client, Glacier Fresh

Help Your Advertising Agency Understand Your Business

Improving Advertising Agency and Client Partnerships

A successful partnership with your advertising agency is key to effective marketing. As an extension of your team, the agency provides experience, expertise, talent and fresh perspectives…

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Maximize your print adverting by wrapping a magazine.

Maximize your print advertising

Have Your Ads Covered With Cover Wrapping

Print ads are still one of the most effective media channels. Long-term customers have ongoing trust with magazines that few other channels can match. Print advertising extends that trust…

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How Does Retargeting Work? This image represents the stream of information that leads to advertisers targeting you with ads after you've left their site

How Does Retargeting Work?

Following Web Visitors to Increase Conversions

How Does Retargeting Work?  This popular digital marketing strategy, shows your ads based on previous interactions with your website. Retargeted ads aim to bring back website visitors who…

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