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conventional direct mail samples

In Defense of Conventional Direct Mail

Still working after all these years

No doubt that the digital world has upended conventional direct mail. A letter, postcard, or a self-mailer has a hard time competing with the efficiency and quick…

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Email Response Rates and Bounces represented by two men playing catch

Email Response: Understand Bounces

Not all bounces are created equal.

Though website analytics can be very helpful, they are sometimes misleading. Concerning email response rates and bounce rates, please keep in mind there are two types of bounces: hard…

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Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing: Double Opt-in Success

A double is always better than a single.

Conventional and email marketing share a common characteristic: your success is only as good as your mailing list. Many times, without even knowing it, you’ve joined an email…

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Direct Mail Letter Delivery Representing Direct Mail Marketing Benefits

Direct Response Mail: Making Most of Analytics

Analytics improve conventional direct mail.

As much as the marketing world loves to divide online and off, there’s no doubt, when they work together, conversion rates benefit. Strengthen this partnership by using…

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