Rebranding a company starts with the question “Why?”

How to rebrand a company starts with strategies that answer why, what and when.

Rebranding addresses something that has changed. A change—good or bad—that now has, or soon will have, an effect on your company. That change might affect your position in your marketplace. That change might be new products or services now offered. It might be new products or services from your competitor that you don’t have. It might be an outdated business model—stemming from a host of different factors. A rebrand might be needed because of a company’s new corporate ownership or acquisition. A good marketing director sees that change months or years in advance and prepares to take the offense before the competition does.

Rebranding or Refreshing? With help from a top NJ rebranding agency, the first determination is what degree of change is needed to address/solve the problem.

A true rebrand involves the actual name change of the company. Most executions of a rebrand are actually executions of a “refresh.” The degree to which change is needed comes back to answering the question “Why rebrand?” Brand equity needs to be measured against the time and expense of a new name rollout. Relationships with consumers, suppliers, employees and other support entities need to be analyzed. Research might be needed to measure responses to changes or adjustments. At the end, either rebranding strategies or refreshing strategies will be embraced. All this needs to happen before the actual execution of the program starts.

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