Market Research. Before analysis, it’s doing the survey, the digging, the drilling and the asking.

Analysis of your market is critical before you start advertising. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re the expert. Invest in market research.

Market research methods are driven by the same objective: isolating the critical factors (demographic, attitudinal, etc.) that determine the patterns of behaviors your marketing actions address. Full-service advertising agencies sometimes conduct this activity internally, but often rely on specialized research partners to help supply this vital information.

Marketing research conducted by a top advertising agency in New Jersey allows a more knowledgeable approach to what to ask and where to look here in the Garden State.

Marketing plans are born from relevant information about your company, your competition and your industry. First Looks, one of the top ad agencies in NJ, helps cultivate this information and determines the best way for you to utilize it. Conducting market research ranges from programs requiring significant funding to those of more modest expenditures. When appropriate, First Looks Advertising utilizes several affordable online approaches to help our clients understand their markets better and target their prospects more efficiently.

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Market Research Methods to consider:

  • Focus Groups
  • Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Incentive/Reward Research Projects
  • Pre and Post Evaluations/Testing
  • Online Surveys