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Marketing Research: Mediocrity Test

*Disregard if your end-of-year results are spectacular and your creative truly outstanding.
Performing Marketing Research Using a Market Research Survey

Whether your marketing plan matches the calendar year, or not, December is the right time to take the mediocrity test and do a bit of marketing research. If your sales are just adequate, your creative—only moderately distinctive and your marketing objectives-barely achieved, now might be the time to step back and objectively ask…why?

Am I being visionary in my planning or is my plan a reflection of what’s already been done?

Have I allocated a portion of my budget to a risk defined opportunity?

Is my advertising really being noticed? If not, most everything else is wasted.

Mediocrity is a slow moving consequence of not exercising the benefits of a properly structured risk. Taking a risk within a marketing program is part of your job. How well it’s managed, and how often a true risky action is taken, might be the difference between achieving your marketing objectives and beating them next year.