Media Planning. Media Buying.

What is media buying? It’s the strategic planning that prioritizes your media dollars so that targeted allocations are spent efficiently and deliver your expected goals.

Media plans define the process of distributing your advertising message to the right audience at the right time. Built from a sound strategic perspective and based on current research, market segmentations are identified using such criteria as demographics, geographic data, seasonality behaviors, etc. Our media planner then analyzes media selections for cost efficiency against the target audience, and customizes a media plan that incorporates the approved marketing and advertising objectives.


A New Jersey ad agency with long-term media relationships can help plan the more efficient media buy.

First Looks’ strong negotiating skills and established media relationships bring the best deal for your dollar and secure added value to enhance every campaign. Without proper selection and execution, a media buy will underperform its objective and produce a low ROI. Our professional media relationships work to broadcast your message to the right target audiences at the right time at the right price.

Media Planning Services include:

  • Media Plans and Executions
  • Media Accounting and Verification
  • Media Negotiating and Placements
  • Online Tracking and Reporting