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TV commercials cost more on network TV than on cable

How Much Do TV Commercials Cost?

Real costs for 30 seconds on broadcast TV

Despite the ongoing news of the full embrace of online digital advertising, make no mistake about it—broadcast network TV continues to be the channel for broad-based branding and…

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Online Ratings: 5 Ways to Get More. Here is an example of First Looks Advertising's Google Review Link

Online Ratings: 5 Ways to Get More

Take these steps to generate reviews

Online ratings are clearly vital to today’s businesses. For proof, see the stats in our blog, “Online Reviews Build Trust and Traffic.”  And when you’re ready to get…

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Online Reviews Build Trust and Traffic. 5 Stars being selected by a man in a business suit.

Online Reviews Build Trust & Traffic

Why every business should strive for 5 stars

We all know online reviews matter. From consumer confidence to subsequent business revenue, a company’s ratings greatly impact its bottom line. But that’s not all- reviews also…

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Establish Loyalty with Millennials shown with photo of a group of Millennials standing together proudly

Establish Loyalty with Millennials in 3 Steps

Strategies to Keep Every Consumer Engaged

To establish loyalty with Millennials, concentrate on customer satisfaction – especially in service industries like healthcare. Compared to other generations, Millennials are far more likely to switch…

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