Keyword strategy and keyword optimization written on chalkboard

Keyword Strategy: 2 types of keywords

The two keys to keyword success.

There are but two types of keywords. Those associated with the intent to buy and those with the intent to research. Before you start the construction of a new website, before…

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Content marketing program includes email and blog programs

5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Program

There's an audience waiting to hear from you.

Making meaningful connections with your online audience increases the value of your company to them. Adopt an ongoing content marketing program and enjoy the benefits. But remember,…

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Pantone colors as a string of Christmas lights

Pantone Colors are Essential for Marketing and Design

Make Pantone colors a part of your design world.

What are your brand’s Pantone colors? As the world’s most standardized color matching system, Pantone is the language of colors-used in both offline and online design programs…

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Technology and Marketing Strategy: Facebook vs. Programmatic

Technology and Marketing Strategy: Is Programmatic or Facebook best for you?

Two great platforms warrant comparisons.

With new platforms in the marketing world, technology and marketing strategy continue to work hand-in-hand. It’s important to choose the right digital marketing tools for the right reasons. Though…

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