Marketing Plan Evaluation can begin by analyzing data, such as this person is doing with a magnifying glass on charts

Marketing Plan Evaluation

How to Adapt Your Marketing Plan When Unforeseen Events Occur

Is it time for a marketing plan evaluation? No matter how thorough and solid your marketing plan may seem, your company and marketplace circumstances will always change. Having a…

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facebook ads vs google ads represented by their logos

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

What Makes Sense For Your Business?

Google Ads and Facebook Ads have been longtime competitors in the digital marketing landscape, but what exactly sets them apart from each other? Google Ads Works primarily based off…

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online branding represented by various icons surrounding a smart phone

Online Branding: Digital Center of Excellence

As new online channels grow, your brand needs to grow too

A brand’s presence online can be its most valuable asset; while constantly advancing it can also be its most challenging. For effective online branding, keeping online pages active…

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Voice search is a new way consumers interact with their devices, including cell phones and home assistants

Voice search strategy – Improve your marketing

Your voice. The new SEO tactic worth listening to.

Are you ready for voice search? Gone are the days where users would merely type their desired questions into a search bar. Today’s consumers are dictating questions…

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