Billboards like this can be located opposite traffic light for an auto body shop

Billboards: Outdoor Board Locations

Where they're located determines how well they do.

Success in outdoor advertising relies on the right presentation of your message and the right location of the billboards themselves. After all geographical requirements are addressed; here…

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Online Marketing Banner Ads Sizes

Online Marketing: Banner Fundamentals

What it takes to leave an impression or get a click!

When used correctly, online marketing banner ads are still a great way to advertise. Need a refresher? The top 3 best sizes for banner ads with the…

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Online Advertising Vocabulary

Online Advertising: Vocabulary Success

Success in online advertising starts with being onboard with its vocabulary.

The clear advantage that online advertising has over offline is measurement. Learning how and what to measure is key to utilizing this asset. Problem is, this analytical…

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Marketing Online with Flashy Banner Ads

Marketing Online: Banner Ads

It pays to be flashy!

Marketing Online: Static or Interactive Banner? Today’s web behaviors show that your customers are more likely to click on an interactive banner over a simply static banner….

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