email marketing stats represented by multiple envelopes delivering to customers

Email Marketing Stats: Far from Obsolete

Is it time to restart your email program?

With social media and instant connection through apps, it may seem that email marketing is becoming obsolete. Consider these email marketing stats: Contrary to popular belief, email…

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Advertising on Mobile Devices Means More Customers Will See Your Ads

Advertising on Mobile Devices

Getting the Timing Right

When advertising on mobile devices, a significant factor that should go into your decision-making process is the timing: when is the perfect time to place an advertisement that…

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Person sitting at a desk with his phone in hand, seeming to check on his email marketing program on his laptop.

Email Marketing Program: 3 Steps to Success

How staying in touch with your target group pays off.

While everyone’s current focus seems to be social media, a proven and integral component to a thriving marketing plan remains an email marketing program. A way to generate faster sales…

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smart advertisers like magazines, like those shown here.

Print advertising still has readers and smart advertisers.

Print is not dead!

While the phrase “print is dead” has become a popular anthem with the rise of technology and online marketing, magazines still defy this label. Yes, there’s ample pressure to establish and…

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