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Radio Advertising: 5 Tips for Great Radio

How to make the most of 60 seconds.
Radio Advertising On Air Light

You’ve chosen just the right station for your radio advertising. You’ve chosen just the right time. Before you pay for your radio commercial to air, make sure you’re making the most of your 60 seconds. Things to address in your radio spots:

1. Keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm or overload your message. Stay with one message, one product, one service.

2. Have an opening worth listening to. You’re competing with almost everything–other commercials, people in the car, billboards, phone calls. Start with something that grabs the ear.

3. Create a need, a benefit or an interest.

4. Utilize professional talent and production. Want listeners to think you’re in a jungle?…fine, just make sure it sounds like a jungle.

5. Make your Call To Action clear. Then, repeat it.

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