Social media marketing. It starts with answering “what is social media and what is social networking?”

A social media marketing strategy starts by defining the network and the appropriate platforms that define it.

best_classWhether you market to businesses or to consumers, one of the first things many of your customers do when considering a new product or service is seek advice from their online community—from friends and colleagues in their personal network. Here is where social marketing and networking comes into play. There are tens of thousands of professional communities and social communities (platforms) exchanging personal advice and recommendations every minute of the day. You need to insert yourself into these conversations to make sure your message is heard.

Be it a Facebook, YouTube or Twitter ad, work with an ad agency that understands and relates to your objective and your budget. In New Jersey, that agency is First Looks Advertising.

social media marketingFirst Looks can develop a social media strategy that identifies the communities and people you need to engage with as well as help develop content that will enable you to join the conversation—regardless of where these communities exist. If the communications needs to be feed content, we excel at creating case studies, testimonials, white papers, videos and other social marketing materials that are compelling, shareable and measurable in the digital world. We then execute the projects or campaigns—working as either stand-alones or parts of a larger integrated offline/online program.

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Social Media Marketing Services include:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Media Campaigns
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Content for Social Media
  • YouTube Marketing
  • SEM
  • LinkedIn Marketing