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Web Marketing Strategy: Domains

Dotting your I's means securing your dotcoms
Web Marketing Strategy Needs a Domain Strategy Just Like Football Players Need a Field Strategy

Web marketing benefits from easy, short, descriptive URL addresses. This is defined by the .com address that was originally secured. As your business grows and your marketing plans evolve (products, brands, services), the one-URL-fits-all strategy may not be the best digital marketing strategy. As a measure to direct future growth and advertising opportunities, invest the resources (a little bit of time and money) and secure the possible .com addresses that might fit into your long-term marketing strategy.

If you see opportunities, others do too!
Professionals who’s only job is to secure every .com imaginable, profit by selling you the .com you feel you have the right to own. Staying ahead of the game is challenging, so be proactive. Secure your .coms early and often.

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